Comfort Club

What is a Comfort Club Agreement?

A comfort club agreement provides you with regular inspections on your heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. Our technicians will check and clean your air conditioner in the Spring and return in the Fall to do the same with your furnace. We will inspect your plumbing once per year upon your choice of semi annual visits. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about calling us because we will contact you when it’s time for your inspection.

Ever Tried Breathing Through a Paper Bag?

It’s hard. When your HVAC system is dirty, it’s like breathing through a paper bag because it has to work harder. It uses more electricity and you have higher utility bills. That’s why maintenance is critical to the lowest possible utility bills.

Ever Receive a Higher Water Bill Than Normal?

To help keep your water bills from increasing or keep from paying expensive repairs, it’s important to check you plumbing system for potential issues that could cause major breakdowns.

With Our Service Agreement Contract You:

  • Receive regular inspections on your equipment and verify proper operation per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Receive instant savings on inspections under contract.
  • Receive 10% discount on all service repairs within the contract year.
  • Never pay after hour emergency rates.
  • Experience longer equipment life due to proper regular maintenance.

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